Written by Tyler Hackbart

Device: iPad & iPhone

Prologue: Apple released a couple updates to their Apps from the iLife family group, and released a whole new application called Music Memo which is tailored for song writers or musicians a like. There is a couple cool updates to Garageband and hand in hand with this new app, it is a pretty exciting update.

Garageband and Music Memos – App Review 


Apple has always been famous for music, with the introduction of the iTunes store, the iLife section of software that has now spread out into its own applications. Garageband had been on the Mac for many years and when the iPad came out, Apple made a smaller more touch friendly interface for it. With this new update, Garageband has expanded into Live Loops, which is DJ software for easy tracks and events.


The interface is simple but complex with a huge library of possibilities. You can either use the pre-recorded loops or create your own with a new instrument. And if you know garageband, this is just a whole new way of creating music. They have not changed the classical interface in the garage band side of things, they have only added in this new section on creation of a new track.

Garageband has always been huge, and with the introduction of Live Loops for the iPad, the mobile software just got a whole bunch bigger. There is software out there that does these sorts of things, but I believe with the simple yet complex user interface this software has, this stands above and would be a first pick for smaller events or to have fun with and learn music too.

On the same day, Apple released something that is called Music Memos, and in one sentence to explain what this does is: Its voice recording on drugs. This app allows you to record lyrics for a song, include a bit of instrumental in the background and to top it off it includes pitch for music goers out there. It displays what cords you would be using for it too. Its pretty crazy. Simple but, it allows you to sing your song, mark it up or change it or song ideas and to make them better by just using a couple simple cord changes or stretching out voice tracks. I would highly recommend it if you write song lyrics, play any instrument and sing while you do it or just sing without anything, you will not be disappointed.

Rated: 5

Would I recommend this app to others: Yes, both of them for sure