Written by Tyler Hackbart

App Platform: MacOS X, iOS

Prologue: Have you ever worked on multiple computers, or used multiple devices where syncing data is not the easiest thing. You can resort to saving it to a note and then opening it on the notes app on device B, or you might email it to yourself from one computer so you can access it on the other, well there is an easier solution and it is called Copied

Copied – Copy and Paste Everywhere App Review

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In plain and simple terms, this is an app for everyone. With a cross platform access for Mac OS and iOS, it allows you to easily send data from your device to your Mac or vice versa. A simple note of information for your next article or something you read and want to keep close to you. It can be stored in one central place.

Some key features that allow this app to be user friendly is the ability to quickly edit, share and quick touch gesture to access all the information stored in the app. You are also able to connect to a template system that allows you to collect data on a specific topic; for example getting information on an article you are writing. You are also able to copy copied things to multiple lists and use shortcuts on your Mac for keyboard gestures, Command-C to the extreme, allowing you to save it right to Copied.

For the iOS side of things, there is the ability to add this app to the Today widget, which allows you to add content right there or see recent content that was copied. You are also able to save it just like ‘Posting to Twitter’ for an app, you are able to click ‘Copied’ from there without leaving any applications.

For the Mac side of things, the possibilities just grow. Allows you to set rules to your copies; if you are in specific apps, it will save to specific list. You are also able use Copied in the top status bar or you can pull it off of it and use it as its own stand alone application. Copying and syncing it to iCloud, and showing on your iPhone in seconds.

Copied is a great and simple app that is user friendly and bare simple for information. It is very easy to set up and to start copying. I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses iMessage to send content from each of your devices… don’t worry I will admit to doing that.

Rated: 4.5

Would I Recommend This App To Others: Yes

Where To Get it:     Mac App Store      iOS App Store