Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Siri has been on the market for about five years and there has been an increase of ability as well as performance over the years. It was also implemented on most flagship devices shipped from Apple. Which includes two new additions just last year inside the AppleWatch and the AppleTV fourth generation. Rumours are that the Mac will be getting it this year with the Mac OS update for 2016.

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Siri for Mac, Updated iOS

Siri was first introduced in the iPhone 4s, the ‘s’ standing for Siri, the new virtual reality that create a whole new way of interacting. It was marketed as a simple way to get data, post data and keep your life in order with a command from voice. However with how fast technology moves, it was left in the shadows, once a highlighted feature has been struggling to stay above the water. But with technology, there is always hope and when it comes to AI systems, the sector is only just beginning.

When it comes to abilities, there is a lot happening in the background of the Siri system, much like all AI’s, the request and return time window is an important part of the service, and most AI have that down to milliseconds. The thing that is the hard part is picking up the right words that are said, and with accents, various languages, it gets hard. But that will get better in time and nobody’s system is perfect. But what the market shows is when this system works, which 92% of the time it does, it works great.

The platforms for Siri are growing as it was first introduced to the iPhone, it has moved all over the Apple ecosystem, moving to the iPad first and has now moved to the new AppleTV and AppleWatch as a quick simple service to replace the hurtle of keyboards when it comes to these devices. Using voice versus keyboards allows us to do more with much less. Take example of the AppleWatch, there would be no reason to fit a small keyboard in the screen, allowing Siri to take over that part of the way to communicate and send messages and emails, check weather and more. Now that Siri is offered on most products, there are rumours that the service will be coming to the Mac, which makes complete sense, most days I use dictation to write things down and link outside. However what is the huge selling point to putting a service like that into an already fast, simple system. For the same reason of any other device: simplicity.

With the introduction of the SearchAPI for the AppleTV and how much more capibility is baked into the Mac, it will allow Siri to do more, making the service of Siri more appealing. Right now there are a lot of command that you are able to do with your iPhone, most people doesn’t know all capabilities since the initializing of Siri in public is something of a taboo, it is mostly used when you are alone somewhere either in a car or your office. And if you use Apple services to the fullest, putting all meetings, emails and have a robust social network, the Siri service allows you to do more and more. But when your services are empty, the ability comes up short.


AI voice services are pretty new to the sector, yes they have been alive for years but the increase of abilities will continue to grow, like all technologies. Siri in the last couple years has increased in ability as well as performance and with the introduction of Siri for Mac, there will be another surge of abilities from this service to compliment the Mac and it’s background abilities you will find by using Siri