Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Every year there are always new things that get released along side a product that makes the product that much appealing, its the icing on the cake when it comes to Apple releases. Two years ago it was ApplePay, but time has not been the best friend to a service that is only selective to certain people.

Once Features, Now Selective Services

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Services that are introduced to the be the appealing part of the new device, product or service sometimes is only appealing to a specific group, not to everyone. This happens usually because of regulations and rules in certain countries over others. In recent years a large percent of regulations have been money purchases. But the world is slowly coming together on everything. Keep in mind that even some countries don’t allow the Online or physical Apple Stores due to regulations.

Apple has had a long history of getting iPhones into everyones hands, and the story continues as some countries around the world are still waiting for the ability to purchase them in their own countries. Stepping away from the product side and flipping the coin to talking about the services that come on it, once selling features of a new product have faded away.

A service that usually comes to peoples mind as a flop was iTunes Radio that only launched in a couple counties and stayed that way until the project folded into Apple Music recently this year.

A very big key part into the future is ApplePay, it was introduced as a feature in the iPhone 6 release in late 2014, but however was only introduced in the US originally. It slowly came to the UK first during the WWDC15 and then a contract with American Express allowed the service to bridge into Australia and Canada. Earlier this year the services opened to China to a large number of banks there, it crashed Apples system due to high volumes of people trying to sign up. ApplePay is still very limited to the number of counties it is offered, the ability to expand has been and will be a long road ahead.

The limitations of services for a company that deals around the world is tough, as the company doesn’t get viewed on a country based stat system but a national. The number of ApplePay users, iTunes Radio gets compared to overall stats. Even if they are skewed numbers. Apple Music however was been implemented around the world and has had a very good track of implementation due to the easy access of the service.

Hopefully with future implementations, ApplePay and any other services launched can be accessible around the world right away and not years down the road when the hype has faded.