Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: The iPad has been on the market for a couple of years now. It road the wave of the iPhone success back in 2010 and had ground breaking sales as the industry pushed into the Post-PC world. After years of success, the slow down started to settle into the line of tablets from not just Apple but the rest of the world. As tablets move from consumerism into enterprise there is still lots of growth to come.

Apple and other companies have road the tablet wave for a couple years now from the hype of a new category and product, but as the tablet market has now matured, there is other venues that a product like the iPad can be even more appealing and that is in enterprise.

Right now there is only two devices that merge productivity and ability to tablets and that is the iPad and the Microsoft Surface. The Surface does have abilities up their sleeves and the Microsoft family already has a large percent of business but that is changing as the markets change. Other devices can do lots of things but with security and privacy at the forfromt of Apple’s business, they have had a very good quarter for iPad, even if their units sold is down year over year.

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Enters the Pro, the ability to do more and more and more 

Apple is using their history from the Macintosh to speed up the ability to make more on product lines. Reflecting on the MacBooks, there are entry level Macbook and then a Pro version, that you are able to do more, be more productive and be a business ready device. Much like the iPad Pro is turning into a device for business ready device. But Apple is fast tracking this device to be inline with what the Pro line of MacBooks is today. A business devices that consumers have bought into.

Apple has made the Pro version more Pro like, coming in a bigger size and allowing the user to input data with more than just a finger tip. The top of the line iSight, sound system and all packaged in a thin device that is easy to carry. And with the accessories that are available for it, it has become more than just a consumer product that previous versions were directed at.

Raising the bar has also allows Apple to take the same position as they have on the Macbook Pro line, charging more for a higher end product. The $499 entry is no longer the case and will never be again, the entry level comes in at $599 which comes with 32GB of storage. Just like when the iPad came in 16,32 and 64, the prices were increased $100 dollars. And with bring out a bigger devices, they have pushed the iPad into all time high prices, moving the medium price of $300-$700 to $600 – $1100.

Apple has used what they have learnt in the past and have able to apply it to new products that have now matured. We will see more of this coming from all their products, as they push into the enterprise market more and consumers will be pulled in to the wave as well.