Prologue: Last year with the introduction of the iPhone 6s there was also a bunch of new products displayed at that Keynote. Apple revealed the new iPad Pro, new AppleTV and upgraded colours and bands for the AppleWatch. But that was a lot for one event and since this year was a flag ship new model iPhone, there was just no room for a big display of new products.

If you had the time to sit down to the Apple Keynote with the announcement of the iPhone 7, and have previously viewed keynotes of other iPhone, there was a difference in the air. The speed. Past keynotes, Apple hasn’t done that much surrounding around the iPhone launches, maybe a new product or two. Last year they jammed four products into one keynote and it was sorta fulfilling. This was a faster speed, but with only two product  to launch.

Both the iPhone and AppleWatch got a new device, the thing that was missing was software and thats a good thing. In past presentations, the WWDC would cover all the software things and then in the fall, when the new iPhone was released they would show off the new OS and the highlights about months before, this year a bit of mention but nothing longer than a couple minutes. The focus was on the hardware of these products, the upgraded camera and duel camera on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the GPS chip in the AppleWatch Series 2 and the joint waterproof systems in both devices.

Apple also filled time with new things: the partnership with Nike with a special edition AppleWatch for runners. Mario coming to iPhone, first might I add, in Super Mario Run. Which was also another nice turn of events.

Part 1 was great and part 2 is going to be new stuff too. Apple has done this sort of set up before. One for products and then another keynote for other products and the line keeps getting bigger.

Apple way of this keynote is a better use of their time, as the WWDC is suppose to be about software and it is always all about the software. And leaving the fall for the hardware side of things, that allows these products to be best with the most advanced OS in them.

Now part 2 should be in the next couple weeks and it should cover the much needed upgrades to the Macintosh family line. Now don’t get me wrong, the machines themselves are already pretty good, but a change after a couple years is what it will take to increase Apple’s computer sales. Holiday season is upon us and Apple has a lot of new things to find under the christmas tree.