Prologue: ApplePay is celebrating its 3rd year of service this fall and it has taken a while for ApplePay to be incorporated, but in the last year it have grown with new countries and new capabilities. But ApplePay with the iPhone was only the beginning, there is a lot of flashing lights for what is next.

 ApplePay started in the United States for almost the full first year of being released. At the beginning, near field communication(NFC) enabled machines for tap cards were only just getting emplimented into the United States. Which staggered the service for the first year as growth inside the US was a slow movement.The United Kingdom was the first of country outside the states almost a year later.

Right now the service is enabled in more than 10 million contactless places, 11 counties, the most recent New Yealand in the last month.  In April of 2016, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said ApplePay is gaining 1 million new users per week. No exact number have been release on number of users but Apple did have service outages when launching in China due to the high popularity of the service there.


ApplePay goes further than just the checkout in the store, since its launch it has also allows purchasing through applications that supported ApplePay for Apps. This allows you pay right into the application, with your card number and all your required information filled in, all you have to do is accept your payment with TouchID, 3 second and your finished.

This fall with the introduction of macOS Sierra, there is a new easy way to purchasing through Safari on your Mac, ApplePay for the Web. Allowing third party integration to support ‘Pay with Pay’. Which means if you are surfing the web on your iPad, iPhone or your Mac, just accept the payment with your fingerprint with TouchID, fast, secure and easy.

And ‘Pay with Pay’ is catching on in the web with integration into 3rd party eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Stripe and Salesforce. And will be coming to more online stores like Staples, Ticketmaster and Target.

And this is just the beginning for the ApplePay story, as integration happens future.

Right now AppleWatch allows you to make tap purchases without your iPhone but macOS Sierra still requires you to TouchID your iPhone to complete the purchase. There is rumours about TouchID abilities coming to the Mac in future product launches for easier security for unlocking and payments right on your Mac without the need for an iPhone.

AppleTV is also a huge opportunity for the fast payment process and ability. Imagine watching an Ad while streaming a TV Show and you are able to buy that product just just pressing ‘Pay with Pay’ right on the screen. Something pops up to verify payment on your iPhone and its ready shipped to you in minutes.

ApplePay is just beginning, it just celebrated its 3rd year and has been growing  with signing on more banks, being offered in more countries and being integrated into many aspects of life. Above all of being easily accessible, it is also simple to use and, that is where Apple has gotten it right and has allowed them to make a whole service of it.