Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue Apple has had their Fall Macintosh Event. Not much happened except a shift in what the MacBook represents and what the future holds. For right now, in the world where USB C has not yet taken over, the iMac is the most Pro version for a computer, too bad its not portable.

There has been many negative reviews over the new MacBook Pro, that it is restrictive, it doesn’t tailor to the Pro experience and the list goes on. However Apple has always been one that brings huge change for the better, just recently Apple have changed more than one thing and people have just been rubbed the wrong way too many times now.

Apple kept the Fall keynote about the MacBook to celebrate the progress of the laptop from Apple, celebrating 25 years. They didn’t do anything significant to other lines of the Mac, to keep focus on where we started 25 years ago to today, and to get ready for the future. And that is exactly what the new MacBook Pro is, the future. And people are afraid.

But Apple didn’t change everything and that is a really good thing.  

The MacBook Air 11″ has been cut from the line up as the MacBook takes a more central role for entry level MacBook buyers. The Air line is not so airy as the new MacBook is only 2 pounds. The desktop experience was not changed as well, keeping its benchmark and options to ‘older’ tech.

The iMac has stayed the same unit since Apple released the new slim unibody with Retina 4K/ 5K displays. That was back in late 2014, two years ago and nothing has been updated. Reporters were calculating the number of days since refresh but the thing is, the iMac, the desktop experience is mute because its already the best it could be.

If you compare a 2 year old iPhone with the most recent iPhone, the benchmark differences are noticeable and that is because the technology in mobile is growing and getting better and better. It is newer and younger.  However if you compare a 2 year old iMac with the current iMac its benchmark is still overwhelmingly higher in how it stacks up to competitors.

Apple has made a Pro desktop with the best specs that you can’t get better. The display is a Retina Display, it has a 4K and 5K resolution, just making the screen pop. It allows up to 32GB of RAM with 1TB flash storage which was just a dream four years ago. It comes with the newest AC Wi-Fi networking as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

Apple is changing their most popular device, the MacBook Pro to new technology for the next big shift in technology, USB 3.o. Which is also USB-C, oh and its also Thunderbolt 3. A universal cord to charge, transfer and connect all in one. They have already started last year with the new MacBook. But if history repeats itself just like when Apple killed the Optical drive, they first killed it in the MacBook Pro and a year or two later they took it from the iMac.

The iMac right now is the Pro unit that is compatible with the Pro of today, but next year or the years following, there will be a shift in all the Macintosh’s from Apple and you either commit to the future now or you commit to the future late.