With the introduction of iMessage, Apple has given more options for developers and it is growing to increase usages in the Apples services. iMessage, one of the many applications on iOS is a very important piece of the puzzle and it has been for many years. It is Apple’s secure messaging service that allows over the web communication. Its something that lets you communicate with your kids on their iPod or your grandma on her iPad. It allows a broad service.

With the introduction of application into the iMessage services, it looks like Apple is growing the developers abilities inside Apples ecosystem. Developers have made Apple the platform it is today and it will continue to be a staple of Apples services as they allow more integration.

This year a lot changed for developers, the most significant changes are the ability to create applications that plug into services of Apple. A change to the stand alone services that apps have always been. Apple created an application App Store for iMessage and its a hit judging from the growth of iMessage apps in the App Store. Its a whole other playing field for developers that allow you to connect, have fun and communicate all through messaging.

The other area that is rich with potential is Siri for apps, that allows certain categories of applications to use the ability of Siri to integrate into their application. Now this service has been around for a while with the use of HomeKit or direct integrations with social services, sport services, wikipedia and others. But Apple has now opened it up to a wider range of applications. One of the most appealing service is the ability to send money directly to another people with a voice command on your iPhone through Square Cash.

Now looking into the services that Apple already offers, you can see this trend of incorporating other peoples services into one. It is what makes a platform stay a platform and integration is growing year over year. If you look into integrations from the past: iOS 6 we saw the release of Passbook which is more recently been changed to Wallet, which allows you to hold all your digital cards and now payment card in one place. It was in iOS8 that we saw the integration with the Health app, that took all tracking information from other apps and displayed it into one central place. Expansions into the Photos application last year with extensions which allow your custom tools to be used inside Apples that other developer created.

More recently inside iOS 10 the third party integration into Maps. Allowing services like OpenTable or Uber to be used right inside the application is a huge step into creating one easy place to use services on the Apple platform. And there is still a lot that can be done to integrating services into Maps and there will be large growth into the Maps services. After the rough beginning of the Apple Maps, they have came swinging in recent years and they have no plans on stopping. The ability to integrate into Maps allows for a more one stop shop for everything from Gas, groceries, night out and a drive to get there.

The growth of Apple platform is still growing, and software has always been the future, people have been saying that for years. Apple has a very good hold on the hardware side of things and they are growing software as a service at an amazing rate, the recent quarter was up 24% YOY and all time record of 6.3 billion dollars in one quarter. Integrations will continue to be created inside the Apple platform as they widen their abilities in software.