Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Those are two words you would have never thought to be hearing together, Apple and Search. Apple the company who broke from the biggest search business, Google; due to conflicts of interest has slowly created services of their own. Now you all know the usually services that come to mind, Maps; being the biggest of them all. But would you have ever thought that search would be one of them… me either.

Search is one of the most important things that we use everyday, an integration to find something in the scope of what we need.

Search might span from finding a transaction on online banking, a google search about a business or a location of a restaurant. The span of searching is so wide that there are walls throughout. A tether to an input on the web is the old familiar way to search, so when something different comes along it gets missed.

If you have an iOS devices, slide down from the top and press the search bar and type what you need, its that simple. The steps to unlock your device, click into Safari, open a new tab, Search Google, get search result is just so many steps now.

Previous iOS versions introduced the ‘Suggested Search’ in Safari to display content from other Apple applications when searching. Ranges in iOS10 for AppleSearch has moved to be more proactive and allows you a broader search across applications on your device, and other suggestions from a long list of applications.

In iOS10, there is a new feature called ‘proactive suggestions’, meaning your iPhone knows more about you than ever before. Suggesting the things you want specifically, not conditioned to the top hit on other services but a tailored response.

Applications are at the forefront for this searching ability and thats a good thing since most interactions are done on application. Moving to this sort of interactive search on all iOS devices allow for a more direct way to search.

Convenience trumps Apples Search everyday, as it is the fastest outlet to get from A-B no matter the journey.

Shortcuts to the things you need, the things you are looking for, and a new ways of doing things are just a slide away inside Notification Centre. Or just pull down about 10cm while you are in any application to instantly get Apple’s Search.

AppleSearch is already pretty helpful, as it already supports all of Apple services and all applications that come on your iPhone; Maps, Music, Video. As well as any search ability that Siri already supports with voice commands can be found by typing. And if all else fails and nothing shows up, you have a direct link to ‘Search Web’ that throws you back to the old way of doing things.