Ty’s Aspect on Tech was a website I construstructed in the beginning of 2011. It was a place where I was going to do an outlet of my technology views. However I never found the right website to domain on and it never felt right, until now.

My papers or articles, depending on how you look at them are written in the aspect on myself. I have a very general knowledge of lots of things. As my mind writes papers for this website, it dips not into just one catergory but many. Most, if not all papers are driven towards Apple Inc. It is a big part of my life, owning iOS devices and computers from them. Not to mention using their own software. Most of the papers remote to Apple in some little or big way.

Apple is now the biggest company in the world, there is news happening everyday about rumors and hard news about this company. As a student still I am not always updating current and live news. I have a content aspect for my papers. I will not be running with live news and being an outlet for live news. I live no where near Silicon Valley and I think people with writing degrees and are dedicated to their job should be the ones that write the news while it happens. If it is blogging at Macworld or maybe the WWDC. My papers are driven by content mostly so I will explore an idea before I am fully commiting to writing a piece for it.

I have been writing tech papers for the last year but I have found myself writing more and more weekly. I don’t have any future plans to go into writing at this time, I write only for the world to know my own personal Aspect on Tech.