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Apple Keynote

Apple Fall Keynote Part 1, Two Piece

Prologue: Last year with the introduction of the iPhone 6s there was also a bunch of new products displayed at that Keynote. Apple revealed the new iPad Pro, new AppleTV and upgraded colours and bands for the AppleWatch. But that was a lot for one event and since this year was a flag ship new model iPhone, there was just no room for a big display of new products.

If you had the time to sit down to the Apple Keynote with the announcement of the iPhone 7, and have previously viewed keynotes of other iPhone, there was a difference in the air. The speed. Past keynotes, Apple hasn’t done that much surrounding around the iPhone launches, maybe a new product or two. Last year they jammed four products into one keynote and it was sorta fulfilling. This was a faster speed, but with only two product  to launch. Continue reading “Apple Fall Keynote Part 1, Two Piece”


Product Launch Timelines

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Over the years, the spring has been a release time for a couple products from Apple, however in recent years, has been a lot of moving towards the christmas season to drive more sales year over year. However this year Apple Watch was released, being the first spring launch of a product since the iPad.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.56.37 PM

Product Launch Timelines Continue reading “Product Launch Timelines”

“It’s been way too long” – Apple Keynote Fall 2014 Part 2

Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: It is already the second event for Apple this fall season, right before the craziness of the holidays start. Apple has changed the wording of their second keynote, usually “We have a lot more to cover” or “We have a little more to show you.” However this event will be centred around products which have not been updated for quite some time, the iPad line are usually shown first, but what will be the products who get some stage time this keynote, and what will these devices have what the previous models didn’t.

“It’s been way too long” – Apple Keynote Fall 2014 Part 2

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