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Apple Fall Keynote Part 1, Two Piece

Prologue: Last year with the introduction of the iPhone 6s there was also a bunch of new products displayed at that Keynote. Apple revealed the new iPad Pro, new AppleTV and upgraded colours and bands for the AppleWatch. But that was a lot for one event and since this year was a flag ship new model iPhone, there was just no room for a big display of new products.

If you had the time to sit down to the Apple Keynote with the announcement of the iPhone 7, and have previously viewed keynotes of other iPhone, there was a difference in the air. The speed. Past keynotes, Apple hasn’t done that much surrounding around the iPhone launches, maybe a new product or two. Last year they jammed four products into one keynote and it was sorta fulfilling. This was a faster speed, but with only two product  to launch. Continue reading “Apple Fall Keynote Part 1, Two Piece”


iPad Pro – Increasing Growth by going Pro 

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: The iPad has been on the market for a couple of years now. It road the wave of the iPhone success back in 2010 and had ground breaking sales as the industry pushed into the Post-PC world. After years of success, the slow down started to settle into the line of tablets from not just Apple but the rest of the world. As tablets move from consumerism into enterprise there is still lots of growth to come.

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iTunes Continuity

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: In 2014, Apple released a new way to interact with all devices. It was hand-off and it helped with being able to start a document on one device and ending it on another. This has been applied to most services but one, the most important one of all.

iTunes Continuity 


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iPad Becoming More Like Mac Everyday, it even has the name

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Apple this past week released the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, bring all the system features that the iPad Pro had been released in the fall event to a smaller, more desirable size. Now with everything that is going on in this new iPad line up, it has never been a better time to compare the iPad and Mac.

iPad Becoming More Like Mac Everyday, It even has the Name

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Focusing on Services, Not Hardware

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: In the last decade, features in technology have been greatly focused on features of the hardware itself. Any cell phone, laptop, tablet or any device come down to the specs of that device and how it compares to the overall market. That still stands true today, but the market is shifting into a ‘service over hardware’ way of marketing and there is going to be more focus into this way of business for device makers in the next while.

Focusing on Services, Not Hardware

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.24.31 PM

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Siri for Mac, Updated iOS

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Siri has been on the market for about five years and there has been an increase of ability as well as performance over the years. It was also implemented on most flagship devices shipped from Apple. Which includes two new additions just last year inside the AppleWatch and the AppleTV fourth generation. Rumours are that the Mac will be getting it this year with the Mac OS update for 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.18.45 PM

Siri for Mac, Updated iOS

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Three Months in with Apple TV

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Apple just released a new commercial for this device, covering a range of applications and reforced that apps are the future of AppleTV and Apple is right, applications are what is going to make this product great.

Three Months in with Apple TV


AppleTV 4th generation was released the last week of October and has had a great holiday season if the predicts of devices sold was correct. Apple released a new commercial to cover all the options of applications to use on the device. And the apps look familiar, and they are. Over 80% of the applications shown in this commercial were actually applications that were previously on other AppleTV’s or were at the very least present on the device since launch date.

In television, content is key, as applications hold the reason why Apple’s iPhone got so big run and continues to grow. But in television, games are not going to be what puts this device in its own category, it might one day but for right now, content is what it needs to be successful.

People want content specific, searchable content that is able to be found in one click, or something very simple… like search. Search and voice hand in hand will make this device go even farther, as we see with the adoption rate. Personally I like searching titles, but when I know what I want, I just ask and it displays and it ready to go in two clicks, one to active Siri and one to click on the title of the movie. And thats how simple it should be for everything I want to watch.

The way AppleTV will explode is in applications that allow for easy content grabbing, pulling it into one central place, or having it saved in a very convenient place. Having content right there in front of me, ready for me to see it. Interactions with tv’s can’t have too much menu searching, jumping or cycling, it should be short and sweet.

The next two year will really expand on the idea of content ready devices like this. That is a streaming device but also can support a lot of locations to pull from. The gain will be in displaying content in an easy way, and Apple is in the right direction with voice. It’s easy, simple and everyone can speak.

‘The Future of TV is Apps’

Apple Commercial — The Future of TV is Apps


Apple isn’t Doomed, So Shut Up

Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Every week there has been some sort of article about how Apple is doomed, and is on the end of the line. It is the same topic articles that have been getting released. But the fact is, the facts aren’t straight and it is getting sorta annoying to read.

Apple isn’t Doomed, So Shut Up


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ApplePay Enters Canada

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: It has been a long wait for this but its finally here, Apple Pay is in the great white north. However due to information we don’t know, only American Express, a company who also launched solo in Australia only days after this launch. Canada may only have one, but we are all looking for more to come.

ApplePay Enters Canada

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.24.31 PM

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