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Three Months in with Apple TV

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Apple just released a new commercial for this device, covering a range of applications and reforced that apps are the future of AppleTV and Apple is right, applications are what is going to make this product great.

Three Months in with Apple TV


AppleTV 4th generation was released the last week of October and has had a great holiday season if the predicts of devices sold was correct. Apple released a new commercial to cover all the options of applications to use on the device. And the apps look familiar, and they are. Over 80% of the applications shown in this commercial were actually applications that were previously on other AppleTV’s or were at the very least present on the device since launch date.

In television, content is key, as applications hold the reason why Apple’s iPhone got so big run and continues to grow. But in television, games are not going to be what puts this device in its own category, it might one day but for right now, content is what it needs to be successful.

People want content specific, searchable content that is able to be found in one click, or something very simple… like search. Search and voice hand in hand will make this device go even farther, as we see with the adoption rate. Personally I like searching titles, but when I know what I want, I just ask and it displays and it ready to go in two clicks, one to active Siri and one to click on the title of the movie. And thats how simple it should be for everything I want to watch.

The way AppleTV will explode is in applications that allow for easy content grabbing, pulling it into one central place, or having it saved in a very convenient place. Having content right there in front of me, ready for me to see it. Interactions with tv’s can’t have too much menu searching, jumping or cycling, it should be short and sweet.

The next two year will really expand on the idea of content ready devices like this. That is a streaming device but also can support a lot of locations to pull from. The gain will be in displaying content in an easy way, and Apple is in the right direction with voice. It’s easy, simple and everyone can speak.

‘The Future of TV is Apps’

Apple Commercial — The Future of TV is Apps



Product Launch Timelines

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Over the years, the spring has been a release time for a couple products from Apple, however in recent years, has been a lot of moving towards the christmas season to drive more sales year over year. However this year Apple Watch was released, being the first spring launch of a product since the iPad.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.56.37 PM

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The Huge Step Forward In Television for Apple

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: In less than a month, we get to experience the new AppleTV first hand, there is a lot changing in this little box that the everyday consumer should get excited for, but developers are too because of two simple words: TV Applications.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.30.12 PM

The Huge Step Forward In Television for Apple

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Mac Pro, the First of Many “Assembled in USA” Items

Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: When Apple first showed the new Mac Pro at the WWDC 2013, they were very happy to announce that the new hardware would be branded with “Assembled in the USA.” The first computer from Apple to have this engraved since early 2004 when Apple shut business to one of their last factories in the states and moved to parts of Asia.

Mac Pro, the First of Many “Assembled in USA” Items


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