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iPad Pro – Increasing Growth by going Pro 

Written by Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: The iPad has been on the market for a couple of years now. It road the wave of the iPhone success back in 2010 and had ground breaking sales as the industry pushed into the Post-PC world. After years of success, the slow down started to settle into the line of tablets from not just Apple but the rest of the world. As tablets move from consumerism into enterprise there is still lots of growth to come.

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Apple isn’t Doomed, So Shut Up

Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Every week there has been some sort of article about how Apple is doomed, and is on the end of the line. It is the same topic articles that have been getting released. But the fact is, the facts aren’t straight and it is getting sorta annoying to read.

Apple isn’t Doomed, So Shut Up


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Once You Go iPhone 5, You Won’t Want to Go Back

Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Now that the new iPhone 5 is out in the world and everyone is playing, complaining and scratching their new iPhone. It is time to view the iPhone 5 as the new amazing hardware and software this device is packing. Putting beside the criticism and focusing on how once you go iPhone 5, you won’t want to go back.

Once You Go iPhone 5, You Won’t Want to Go Back

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Retina for the Whole Shebang

Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: Apple just had their special event for showing off what will be in the market from Apple for this holiday season. Showing off not one new Retina Display device, but two. Each announcement from Apple in the year of 2012 has been something retina. Which begs the question, what else and when will the Retina Display be on the whole Apple Family.

Retina for the Whole Shebang

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The Essential New iPhone

Written by: Tyler Hackbart

Prologue: The next iPhone is set to be released in the next month and the rumour mill about this product has been red hot for the better half of a year. Much disappointment happened with the iPhone 4S ,with the unibody the same as the pervious iPhone and was mostly a software update along with a new feature called Siri. Yet the iPhone 4S had a huge record of sales opening weekend, even if it had a preorder a week before the initial launch. This new iPhone will be reflected from what is in the market now or it will have the same criticism and disappointment just like the pervious year.

The Essential New iPhone

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